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Spring lambs sow seeds in the Warwick Square garden

unnamedIt cheered up a murky afternoon to look out of my window to see a gambolling collection of “spring lambs” defying the grey, wet weather.

My son had just given up his tennis plans – but these little ones were made of sterner stuff. Congratulations to the party of adults and kids who turned out despite the rain to form Sarah’s Army and help with the planting of seeds in the garden.

A couple of mums had jackets over their heads and the kids had been squeezed into colourful rainwear. But it didn’t stop them having fun or having what looked like a delightful, if slightly soggy, picnic.

And what better way to encourage young residents to respect the flowerbeds. I bet these young gardeners will take a proprietorial pride in the flowers that will soon be adding colour to our haven of green.

The team of budding gardeners was made up of Amelia, Tallulah, Carl, Erik, Wills, Reuben and Theo.

Maya Francis-Hill


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