A community site for the residents, neighbours and friends of Warwick Square, London SW1
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Square Roots – contacts in Westminster City Council

Main switchboard (click here)
T: 020 7641 6000

Parking Issues (click here)
T: 020 7823 4567

Council Tax (click here)
T: 0845 302 3400 (weekdays 8.30am to 6.00pm)

Report dumped rubbish online (click here)
T: 020 7641 2000

Planning (click here)
T: 020 7641 6500

Report it – Roads & pavements, noise, etc. (click here)

Website: www.westminster.gov.uk



For inquiries about external membership of the Warwick Square Gardens (very limited) contact Fry & Co, 52 Moreton Street, London SW1V 2PB. Tel: Lara Swycher on 020 7821 2241.