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All Square – Warwick Square Tennis Court

Online tennis court bookings

Our brilliant new electronic booking system is now up and running. There is no need to trot down to see if the court is free – check and book from your computer or smart phone. Don’t worry if you have unused tickets left – you will be able to get credits for them.

Click here to book

To play on the court you need to be a key holder of the garden. All key holders may then apply to Fry & Co for tennis membership.

There is an annual fee payable for membership which will then allow your access fob to open the tennis court. You will given a copy of the rules and will be asked to sign your agreement to these rules.

If you have any questions please contact Sue Meara at Fry & Co:

• Email: sue@fry.co.uk
• Tel: 020 7821 0099

To download full Warwick Square Tennis Rules please click here.

Tennis coaching

Any member may hire a registered or licensed tennis coach on the basis that they accept full responsibility for any issues that may arise from coaching and must ensure that their coach has sufficient professional liability insurance to cover any potential claims for damage or injury. A copy of the coach’s insurance policy must be delivered to Fry & Company before the relevant session begins.

Please be aware that the Warwick Square Company Limited does not accept any responsibility or liability under any circumstances whatsoever for any claim that may arise  directly or indirectly when using the tennis court.

Tennis coach – recommended by Square resident JM

I take lessons on the Square with my coach, Abdul, and wanted to recommend him to anyone else who might be interested in lessons. He has taught me from scratch and is a talented coach. He came highly recommended by experienced players on Ladbroke Square (Notting Hill communal square) and in South Kensington. I drag him out to Pimlico for lessons so if he can make it even more worth his while with additional players on the Square, that would of course be wonderful. If you are interested then please contact warwicksquarepimlico@gmail.com and we will pass on requests to Abdul. He is competitively priced given his experience and skill.

Access to Warwick Square Gardens

Warwick Square garden is private with access strictly limited to residents who live in blocks owned by the shareholding companies in Warwick Square. We do allow very limited numbers of external members but please note that the waiting list for external membership of the Warwick Square garden is closed until further notice.