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Coronavirus and Warwick Square

It is important that we abide by the UK Government’s newly-revised recommendations to protect the health and safety of ALL the users of our Garden. Therefore, please follow these updated Rules:

  • The Children’s Play area remains CLOSED
  • Because the garden is likely to become particularly busy, we ask all fob holders to BRING IN NO MORE THAN ONE NON-MEMBER GUEST AT A TIME (including fitness instructor)
  •  You must maintain a separation gap of at least TWO METRES between all other users (which includes the gardeners).
  • Please will everyone when exercising walk CLOCKWISE on the path to lessen contact.
  • Please continue to wear gloves and/or use elbows to open and close the metal gates
  • Members of the same household may play singles or doubles tennis. An individual is  permitted to play with one person from another household but must maintain two-metres social distancing at all times. It is NOT permitted for more than two members of different households to be within the court enclosure at any time.
  • Anyone who uses the garden and garden furniture does so entirely at their own risk.
  • WSCL Garden Committee: 13 May 2020

    Blood on the pavement: colourful stories of Warwick Square

    Brian Eastman tells the fascinating story of the ups and downs of running the affairs of Warwick Square for many years. Such as the bloody day residents fought on the pavement over a dispute, the “as new” carpet that had to be thrown away because it had rotted away years ago, and the tangled legal feuds that led to many headaches, and large bills…. read more

    A springtime tonic from our gorgeous garden

    The dark days of winter are over, the Spring Equinox has passed, and life usually feels a lot better by now. I thought I would give all fob holders who are stuck at home at the moment a virtual visit to the garden.

    Click here for more and lots of wonderful photos…

    Coronavirus: neighbour support and information sharing

    The Warwick Square Company has received several offers from members personally willing to organise support networks to assist those affected in some way by the wider effects of virus disruption. Local resident Laura Hanning Scarborough has kindly proposed that she will set up and maintain a Warwick Square WhatsApp group, to provide different kinds of support during a possible lockdown in London:


    We are delighted to bring this offer at her request to the attention of anyone who would like to contact Laura directly.

    Please note that this is not in any way a project created or administered either by The Warwick Square Company Ltd or by Fry and Co.

    Coronavirus precautions

    The Garden is visited by a variety of people every day, who share a widespread concern to minimise the risk of transmitting infection.

    It is impractical to allocate one specific area of the garden for the use only of self-isolating individuals, because the extent of airborne transmission in open air is unknown. All users are therefore requested to follow the Government guidelines which include inter alia to avoid approaching another person closer than 6 feet 6 inches; please stay further away if you feel more comfortable.

    The general premise should be that a garden user should establish unequivocally with another user, from a suitable distance, if they wish to approach them closer than the Government’s recommended distance.  For the same reason, it seems practical to suggest that only one person should occupy a bench, unless both parties have specifically agreed that they are willing to share one.

    If any garden user feels that these suggestions are inadequate to ensure their own personal safety, the Company requests them NOT TO ENTER THE GARDEN while any threat of infection remains.

    The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever under any circumstances if a garden user should allege that they contracted the virus in the garden.  

    Our own Nickie Aiken has been elected as Conservative MP for Westminster

    I’m delighted to report that our Warwick Square neighbour, and excellent former Leader of Westminster Council, Nickie Aiken, was successfully elected as the new MP for ‘Cities of London and Westminster’ at the General Election. I’m sure you will join me in congratulating Nickie on being returned for the Constituency with an increased majority (despite a strong challenge from the Lib-Dems and their Remainer candidate). She brings great ‘can-do’ practical skills to her new role in the House of Commons, and she will surely address many national issues by drawing on her extensive Westminster Council experience.

    For Constituency matters, Nickie can be contacted at: nickie.aiken.MP@parliament.uk

    Nickie succeeds the Rt Hon Mark Field, who for eighteen years admirably supported the interests of the ‘Twin Cities’ in Parliament. We thank him for his long-standing commitment to our local issues, and for his inexhaustible willingness to attend Constituency events.

    Colin Sheaf
    Honorary Chairman, Warwick Square Company

    Head gardener Sarah Syborn wins Gold again for Warwick Square

    Pimlico Plan. Major Report on the Past and Future for our “Village”

    Pimlico Neighbourhood Forum has produced a superb, detailed plan for the future of the area, seeking to preserve and enhance its unique village atmosphere. The lavishly illustrated document relates Pimlico’s development from a swampy wilderness to Thomas Cubitt’s stucco masterpiece that is still largely today’s Pimlico. It looks at ways to preserve local shops and markets in the face of online retail domination and to protect residents from excessive traffic.

    Click here to see this fascinating report in full.

    An introduction to Warwick Square

    Click here to read an introduction to Warwick Square from Colin Sheaf, both a resident and Honorary Chairman of the Warwick Square Company.

    Winning blooms for Square’s head gardener

    The Square’s head gardener, Sarah Syborn, has won two first prizes and several other awards at the 2019 International Camellia Society show at Chiswick House. “I was rather bullied into entering the show by a friend,” said Sarah, “but I’m delighted.”

    Colin Sheaf, chairman of the Warwick Square Co Ltd, commented: “Wonderful result of being bullied. My warmest congratulations.”

    Our blooming great garden wins a fourth gold award

    THE historic Warwick Square Garden has won gold in the prestigious London in Bloom competition for the fourth time. Head Gardener Sarah Syborn (pictured) proudly collected the award at a ceremony in London in September 2018. The judges said: “The Warwick Square Garden is a gem.”

    Colin Sheaf, Hon. Chairman of the Warwick Square Company Ltd, comments:

    “The Warwick Square Company Board directors, and we are sure all our garden users, congratulate Head Gardener Sarah Syborn and her highly-committed colleagues Mandy, Craig and Mike for retaining this major award, and thank them very much for maintaining the high quality of planting and maintenance in our historic Grade 2 garden, admired not merely by our fob holders lucky enough to enjoy it, but nationally by some of Britain leading horticultural experts.”

    Click here for the full story.

    The carpenter who helped to build Pimlico. A fascinating history.

    A book review by Peter Hill, a Warwick Square resident 

    History seldom tells us about ordinary people and it was fascinating to read the autobiography of William Symons Julian, a Cornish farm boy who learned a carpenter’s trade and came to London in the 1860s and helped to build Pimlico. William’s memoir was discovered in an attic by his descendants… read more.

    What is this rare historic object?

    What is this rare historic object adorning railings outside a house in Pimlico? Click here to find out.

    Warwick Square Garden – Summer Newsletter

    Now that Summer has officially started we thought it would be a good time to remind all key holders of some of the events and issues that affect our Square, including:

    • Drinks receptions
    • Website
    • Rubbish
    • Dogs
    • Tennis

    Click here to view the full newsletter.

    We love Lorne – top new local restaurant – by Peter Hill

    Had a great meal at the new Lorne restaurant in Wilton Road. The roast cod in an intriguing piquant sauce was the best I’ve ever tasted and my wife’s choice of the hogget was superb. See the review in the Sunday Times magazine of June 16.

    Katie Exton, who opened the restaurant with head chef Peter Hall, is keen to welcome locals and offers residents of Warwick Square a 10 per cent discount. Just take along some document that shows you live here.

    Visit www.lornerestaurant.co.uk or call 020 3327 0210.

    Join ‘The Thorney Island Society’!

    Interested in local Westminster history and the built environment, ranging from prehistoric wetlands until the 20th century? Concerned about the challenges our historic neighbour faces today from ill-considered local development? Please join ‘The Thorney Island Society’… read more

     The Warwick Square Garden is in bloom!

    If you were away over Christmas I hope these photos will entice you to take a walk around the Square and enjoy some of the glories of the garden. To counter the myth that nothing grows in gardens in winter I’ve planted many plants and shrubs that flower during the winter months especially those with highly scented flowers. These flowers tend to be rather insignificant to protect themselves against the elements but to attract the few insects around at this time of year they have strong scents.  It’s possible to catch a waft of the most gloriously exotic scent and not actually see any flowers.

    CLICK HERE to read the full story.

    Best wishes

    Sarah Syborn,
    Head gardener

    img_1398Blooming brilliant garden team win gold and silver – again!

    Every year, two specialist English gardening organisations make awards for outstanding gardens, parks and community green areas within Greater London. We only began to compete a couple of years ago, and to our delight in 2015 we won Silver for the ‘Large Private Square category’ in the London Squares Garden Competition, and Gold for ‘Small Park of the Year’ awarded by London in Bloom.

    I’m delighted to be able to tell you that our head gardener Sarah Syborn (pictured in the attached image receiving her award) and her three colleagues Mandy, Craig and Mick have excelled themselves even further this year, by retaining their Gold award (just announced) for London in Bloom, and raising the level of their award to Silver-Gilt in the London Squares Garden Competition. There are hundreds of applicants for these awards, so it is a major achievement to win either of the top ones once, much less twice over two years.

    Please join the Company Board and me in congratulating our gardening team, preferably when you meet them in the garden! It is very encouraging that a small focused team like them, working with an entirely voluntary group of Board directors and Garden Committee members, can maintain the classic features of an historic, listed Grade 2 Victorian garden; while simultaneously adapting it into a Gold-medal winning garden, particularly admired by the judges for its deliberately environmentally-friendly aspects in a 21st-century context.

    Colin Sheaf
    Hon Chairman
    The Warwick Square Company Ltd


    For inquiries about external membership of the Warwick Square Gardens (very limited) contact Fry & Co, 52 Moreton Street, London SW1V 2PB. Tel: Lara Swycher on 020 7821 2241.