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It’s all in the detail – interesting architectural features in Warwick Square and Pimilico

Photos and explanations by Warwick Square resident Jan Michelet

The first two pictures are the “servants’ bell” which had a string and a little bell attached to the end. This is the only one completely intact which I have come across in Pimlico.

Four different styles of boot scrapers in the Warwick Square:

An ornamental window sill stand and the detail of the post by stairs to basement:

A recessed boot scraper from a house in Pimlico:

An elegant and ingenious handrail at 4 Warwick Square, part of it supporting the balusters by making a downward curve:

A lettered brick wall from World War Two saying: “Public shelter in vaults under pavements in this street”:

An ornamental Victorian support for the railing in Warwick Square: