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Tony Hudson 1932–2015


Dear Key Holder

I am very sorry to have to bring you the sad news that our former Chairman and long time resident in the Square, Tony Hudson, has passed away peacefully at the weekend. Active to the end in supporting the Square to which he devoted endless effort and support, he was well known to many of us who live here as a warm friend, sagacious Chairman (who not least oversaw the immensely complicated project to recreate the garden’s list railings), and great rugby enthusiast. I know the family will appreciate your support at this sad time.

Best wishes

Colin Sheaf
Hon Chairman
The Warwick Square Company Ltd


Dear Colin,
This is Tony’s daughter. I am sad to say that Tony passed away on Saturday, at home as he wished. He was himself and in charge until the end. The funeral is to be held at Mortlake crematorium at 10am on Thursday 9th July. Afterwards, he wanted a celebration of his happy and fortunate life back at the flat, probably around 12 noon, traffic permitting. Please can you extend this invitation to other residents on Warwick Square that he knew well.

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