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Are you getting bad vibes from the Tube?


A number of residents have complained to London Underground about an increase in noise from the Victoria Line. Wheels on the rolling stock have recently been reground to reduce noise and vibration but it doesn’t seem to have improved things.

Speed could be the problem. London Underground admit that trains have recently been running faster.

Please let us know if you have noticed any change or have a complaint about Tube effects.



  1. Nomade Nomade
    22 Apr 2016    

    I live above central line tube in Stratford and lt’s appalling, I feel like I live inside tube station, I made few complaints to the council but the just ignored me , I don’t know what to do ? East London is a third world country

  2. Resident Resident
    23 May 2016    

    Have noticed an increase in the last few months, I live in a basement flat in Pimlico and even as I type I hear the rumbling of the tube at 10 to midnight.

  3. Phillip Phan Phillip Phan
    07 Jun 2016    

    The thumping noise is constant from 5.35am to past midnight Monday-Saturdays, and from 7am Sunday mornings.

    It has been noticeably louder from when new tracks were laid in the South Bound tunnel of the Victoria line approximately May 2013.

    However in the last 6-12 months, the noise has increased again, possibly due to high speed running. Grinding has not helped.

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