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Warwick Square Garden – Summer Newsletter

Now that Summer has officially started we thought it would be a good time to remind all key holders of some of the events and issues that affect our Square.

Drinks receptions

We have restarted these popular events when key holders can bring some wine and snacks to the Garden and informally meet fellow residents. The next one starts at 6.30pm on Thursday June 15th. Further dates will be notified by email.


Please refer to the website for up to date news and events in the local area. There are also regular reviews of restaurants and an overview of the plant activity in the garden from our Head Gardener Sarah. You can also book tennis courts and look at recent property transactions in the Square. The address is:  www.warwicksquarepimlico.co.uk


The summer brings more of you to the Garden to enjoy the space but this often means additional rubbish. Please be aware that the bins can get full and if they are, please take your rubbish to the large Westminster bins at the corners of the Square. In particular, we do not have the ability to separate recycling waste so anything that can be recycled must be put in the special bins provided by Westminster outside the Square.


We are very lucky to have the Garden to exercise our dogs but there are still key holders who are abusing this situation. It is very clear on our rules that dogs must be kept on leads (this is not only to ensure the borders are not trampled on but also so the owner can see where and when their dog leaves a poo). Anyone found breaking this rule will be reported to the committee and their fob will be suspended at the discretion of the garden committee.


The tennis court is looking great and anyone not yet signed up to use it should contact Lara at Fry and Co. on 020 7821 2241.

Finally, please remind yourself of the Rules on the boards when you come in to the Garden. We have asked the gardeners to make extra patrols at various times of day to ensure they are being adhered to.

Enjoy the Summer,

WSCL Garden Committee

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